Bargain Shopping for a PC? Consider This…

We all like a bargain, right? But when it comes to purchasing a computer for your office, think twice before you go online or make the trek to a retail store like Best Buy with coupons in hand. The consumer class systems sold within these type of stores will more than likely cost you extra in the long run.

“Consumer Class” vs. “Business Class” Computer Systems.

Here are the facts about “business class” vs. “consumer class” computer systems:

Fact #1: Warranty and Support Plans Differ.

Business class machines will come with a three year service and support plan, which basically covers the life of the PC. Consumer class machines usually come with a one year service and support plan, which obviously doesn’t cover the life of the PC. This is part of the reason consumer class systems are less expensive. In the end, machine failures after the first year will cost you.

Fact #2: Technical Support Options: In-House or Mail.
Business class machines will include on-site support to fix an ailing machine. This courtesy is not always available for computer systems sold on the retail floor, but rather owners must mail the machine back to the manufacturer.

Fact #3: Business-Appropriate Software May Not be Offered on Consumer Machines.
Business class machines will almost always come with the “Pro” version of Microsoft Windows. The “Pro” level of the Windows operating software has many benefits, including:

  • The ability to join your Windows domain at work. This is vital for security and management of the PC. Consumer or “home” versions do not offer this convenience.
  • The option to remotely control your business desktop from home. Consumer or “home” versions of Windows does not offer this option.
  • Windows “Pro” versions allows you to encrypt files and folders that contain sensitive data. This is critical for laptops that may get lost or stolen.

Fact #4: Internal Components Are Not the Same.
Business class machines tend to use higher quality components. This includes things like more reliable hard drives and metal, versus plastic hinges, for laptop screens.

In our view, while business class machines can be slightly more expensive to purchase, in the long run they prove to be more reliable and cost less over the course of the life of the PC. If you are in need of a new system and have concerns or questions about what to buy, don’t hesitate to Contact us!