Windows and Apple Software Changes

Top level recap of what’s new:

New Microsoft and Apple operating system releases are making a buzz in the news. Here’s a recap of the features we especially like. As always, if you have a question about your computer or phone system, we are here to help!

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Puts Back Popular Feature, Adds Flag and Wireless Functionality

Technically Windows 8.1 is not a major new release to Windows 8, but IS likely going to be the version that allows for widespread adoption of the new operating system. Some of the new features include:

  • The Start button is back! You may not have been aware that in Windows 8 Microsoft removed the Start button. This one small change likely resulted in fewer businesses initially adopting the new operating system.
  • Flag files as work-related. If you have users with personal devices running Windows 8.1, files can now be flagged on those devices as work files. This will allow your IT team to remotely delete or re-encrypt those files while leaving the user’s personal data (e.g iTunes data, personal photos) intact.
  • Wirelessly stream to a media device. Wires are sooo 2012! The 8.1 update allows the user to wirelessly stream a PowerPoint presentation, photos, or movies to a supported Miracast TV or projector. More than 1,000 devices are Miracast enabled currently — this will be a default feature for most displays in the future.

Apple iOS 7 Business User Features Offer App Management, Better Email, and Added Data Theft Protection

Some of the new iOS7 features for business users we like include:

  • New app license management system. App Store license management allows companies to purchase apps in bulk and assign them to specific user devices. If the user leaves or no longer needs the app, the company can reassign it, avoiding the cost of the actual app for future users.
  • Improved email application. Searching now allows you to search the email message body as well as annotations in PDF documents without opening another application. Exchange users will be happy that the app finally allow users to sync notes, a feature that was a long time coming.
  • Auto lock for stolen phones. Remotely wiping a stolen or lost phone has been a pretty standard option for users for awhile, but Apple has added a feature that locks stolen phones even AFTER the data has been wiped, basically making it so the phone cannot be re-activated unless your passcode is entered. This is a great step in preventing theft in the first place.